Sunday, July 25, 2010

Week of July 11th
Sister Lowry in the white skirt, standing next to Sister Harper above, Sister Buhler in the lavender sweater.

Miracles from Sister Lowry / Sister Harper Rochester

We were tracting today, knocking on doors.  This lady’s door we knocked on she said, “Come on in; I’ve been waiting for you!”  Later we found she had been waiting for the Jehovah Witnesses, but we came instead.  She has a husband and 4 children; they are all searching for the truth.  She is having them come back. 

Also while we were tracting, we spoke with 5 girls and their mother.  Each of them wanted a picture of the temple!  We had a sweet conversation with those girls; the spirit was so strong.  We told them, “Did you know your Heavenly Father loves you?”  One little girl holding a picture of Jesus Christ said, “Is this Him?  I miss Him!”  And regarding the temple, she said, “Is this His house?”  “Yes,” said Sister Harper. The girl responded, “The temple is like a castle --- a king must live there!”  “Yes,” said the sisters, “He does live there and He is a king and if He is a king, what does that make you --- His daughter?”  And the sisters exclaimed, “The spirit was so strong --- they knew; they all knew it was true.  They knew who Heavenly Father was and who they were!”

They also found a young, single adult.  She said, “This is weird; I wasn’t going to answer the door.”  They talked about repentance and mentioned the temple.  She loved it and is having them back!

That night a family they have been teaching --- parents with three children were excited to learn about the Book of Mormon and how to pray.  The father of the home knelt down and led the family in prayer.  They came to church the next day. 

Sister Lowry spoke to a Lutheran minister (for 44 years) on the spot.  They had a 15-minute lesson with him.  He was amazed!  Sister Lowry says she has no idea what she said, but his expression was one of shock!  He said, “That was just beautiful!” He has their telephone number!

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