Wednesday, October 21, 2009

SOME MORE of the BEST SISTER missionaries in the world:
Sister Cooper, Ostler, McKinley, Fisihetau, Whiteley!

Sisters Buhler, Ross, Shurtliff, Brodegard --- we have the best sister missionaries in the world!

OCTOBER 18 Mission President Fireside

OCTOBER 18, 2009 Mission President Fireside
Missionaries are only allowed to come with an investigator.

President's fireside pictures in Bloomington, October 18, 2009

Our wonderful fireside speakers (recent converts).

And Sisters Peterson, King & Chamberlain with a member!

Gave their bishop a church tour, here’s the email Pres. Howell received from him:
Pres. Howell,
Sister Anderson and I did a Chapel tour with Elders Monson and Weigle tonight. Sr. Anderson directed me to e-mail you and tell of our good experience. Sr. Anderson would like to invite a not-yet-member son-in-law to a tour. She is also going on Thursday when our Elders do their first investigator tour. We enjoyed the focus on the Savior and the Prophets and did not hardly realize that it was only a little about the building. We are going to try to set up a package with all the tour supplies all together in one place for our Stake Center.
Bishop Anderson
Shoreview Ward

October 18, 2009
MISSION PRESIDENT FIRESIDE in Mission Home, Bloomington

October 16, 2009 Pine City, DULUTH ZONE

ELDERS BOEHMER / BLUME have 3 date sets in Pine City, and ELDERS PAYNE / ROBINSON have organized a musical concert for the city of Askov --- performing will be ELDER LUTES on the organ and ELDER PAYNE on the piano, two of our finest musicians.

Up in Duluth tracted out a lady, teaching her a lesson with a baptismal challenge. She accepted the date. They kept teaching, didn’t use a calendar and thought they would have to move her date because of Word of Wisdom problems. A week before the date they had set, she said, “I am ready to get baptized on my date!” They asked her about smoking; she replied she had quit smoking two weeks before they gave her the Word of Wisdom lesson. They taught her the Law of Chastity; she said she had turned down the offer to go to a party because her standards are different now. She was baptized the Sunday before Elder Hansen went home!


Have been tracting / contacting for a month with no success--- recently at the end of a full week of contacting, at the last door on the street; they walked through a gate into the back yard. This was unusual for them. They saw a woman moving apples from a large fruit tree off of her lawn and asked her, "Is there anything we can help you with today?" They started helping her and taught her several principles. She came to General conference and LOVED it! She was crying during it --- and told them later that right before they showed up, she had been overwhelmed with moving the apples off of her lawn and had prayed for help. After they left, she cried her eyes out! She called them her MORMON ANGELS!


Today we had a pretty neat, little miracle (October 16th). We were out tracting a few doors. On one door, a college-aged young man opened the door and his younger brother. They said their dad would be mad if we stayed and wouldn't allow them to talk to us. As they were about to leave, their dad came down the stairs, telling them he was Lutheran and to get lost! Elder Keller briefly introduced them, bore a strong testimony to him. He visibly softened and asked "what church are you from?"

October 14, 2009

Sister Cuoto, a temple square missionary, was only here for approximately 6 months and did a mighty work. She came knowing Portuguese and learned Spanish. She worked in Rochester and Eden Prairie, baptizing in Rochester and found a family of four in Eden Prairie. She has a big heart, strong testimony and will go to BYU after her mission in SLC.

The good news is a marvelous missionary, Sister McKinley came to serve in MMM for three months! She is an amazing teaching and already finding success . . .



Had two baptisms last month, have one set up for this month!
They taught Taylor (found by Elder Hawkins); he is a modern-day Alma --- was in a coma for 8 days, as he came out of the coma realized that everything he had been doing in his life was wrong. He was baptized and now holds the Aaronic Priesthood!

Elders Seamons / Evanson are two of the highest teaching missionaries in the mission!

ELDERS PUGMIRE & BLUME helped a family move; it opened up the way to teach them the gospel. This family of four came to church last Sunday.

ELDERS PUGMIRE & DEARDON (ELder Blume was transferred) are teaching a less active member, who has a nonmember husband. He started reading the Book of Mormon randomly. Now he is seriously reading the Book of Mormon and making a lot of progress, working hard and is now helping his wife!

Taught an investigator named Genie for a long time. One day she was driving down the street and the spirit said, “It’s time Jeannie!” She called up Elder Cutchall and asked if he would baptize her two weeks later. (Elder Long is in the Oakdale Zone!)

Elder L. Tom Perry:
“We need to only have faith in the Lord and do the work.”

Have an investigator, had a date set in November; she was a heavy smoker. They have been working with her; she’s had the strength to live the Word of Wisdom faster than expected, so her date has been moved to October!
They are also teaching a woman who is reading the Book of Mormon, with a study guide, also using Preach My Gospel and is dating an inactive member

were recently tracting on Saturday, found a lady pulling weeds. They asked if she needed help; she looked up, gratefully taking them up on their offer. They helped her for an hour or more and talked to her about the Book of Mormon at the end. She liked the idea of having people in America --- going to check it out on the church web site. They are definately going to stop back by.

October 12, 2009 OAKDALE ZONE

President & Sister Howell were there for interviewing / training! There was a great spirit; they gave a lot of good ideas we've shared with others about holiday contacting, etc.

Elder Sorenson fasted and prayed for his two sisters, who were expecting babies and having complications. They were both blessed with healthy babies! Heavenly Father hears the prayers of his missionaries!

Sister Williams talking to members.

Amazing Sister Harper in Rochester!

Rochester zone is having miracles and are teaching with power through the Spirit of the Lord.

Elder Noffsinger playing the piano!

They took their date set to a member’s house. The spirit was really strong, and he recommitted to be baptized; the members encouraged him --- taught with the B of M. When the word of wisdom came up, he said he quit smoking 4 months ago. Though once he wanted a cigarette, the desire was all gone. “I know your church is God’s church; I’m getting ready to be baptized!” He said.
They did church tour recently for the bishop, as Pres. Howell asked us to. The bishop was so impressed that he gave them a referral!

Elder M. Russell Ballard BYU 09 graduation:
“Either you will share and promote your core values, rooted in the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, or you will allow others to define your values for you and your posterity.”

Sunday, OCTOBER 11, 2009
President & Sister Howell attended the first Rochester Mission President's Fireside. Held monthly in Bloomington; the Rochester Zone decided to try them in Rochester. IT WAS GREAT!

Sunday, October 11th LACROSSE Elders
President and Sister Howell were in LaCrosse speaking, so President Howell interviewed the Elders there and had a short training! THERE IS GREAT WORK going on in LaCrosse --- thank you to Elder Lo for starting a great work among the Hmongs there. Now there are 30 Hmongs every Sunday in church, where there used to be no Hmongs in attendance. The LaCrosse elders are having a lot of success teaching less actives as well as their own investigators! During conference week it rained, and it was same week as transfers --- LaCrosses' efforts / numbers stayed the same!

OCTOBER 8th & 9th

Went into Alexandria two weeks ago. The first day the members took them to meet all the investigators and less actives. They have been in Alexandria two weeks and have three date sets. This past week they taught 19 lessons. They are teaching many mobilizing the ward mission lessons . . . One of the date sets is a lady the WIBERGS (missionary couple) had been fellowshipping them the whole time there!

D & C 123:15 Let no man count them as SMALL THINGS; for there is much which lieth in futurity, pertaining to the saints, which depends upon these things.

OCTOBER 8, 2009
Adult missionary conference --- included a temple session in the St. Paul Temple, scavenger hunt at the Mall of America (off limits to other missionaries) for referrals / pass along card give out, dinner in the mission home that night, breakfast the next morning, training, boat ride on the Mississippi --- then our amazing couple were off blessing less actives and nonmembers as well --- for our couples baptize! They are a CELESTIAL KINGDOM GROUP! HURRAH for ISRAEL!!

LAKEVILLE Oct 7, 2009
Elders about to go teach and contact with the power "unto the convincing of men." A hall of Priesthood Power!

Were contacting in Mankato, met a young man who was a member of the church, joined when he was 16; he has been less active. They taught him recently with three of his friends. They are really interested in learning.

October 7, 2009
Individual interviews with President Howell and training at Lakeville. They were prepared when we arrived; there was a great spirit, lots of wonderful comments and miracles!

SINGING FOR OUR LUNCH! The Zone Leaders sing, "We are as the Armies of Helaman," after work to the ward who provided a magnificent lunch!

BREAKFAST in the Mission Home prior to Zone Leadership Conference October 6th!