Thursday, July 8, 2010

Elder Blume and Elder Lemonds on the front row, 6th and 7th from the right called in with an interesting miracle:
We've been going back to potentials and former investigators and felt impressed about this certain street; we kept going back to this street. Finally we met a Lutheran pastor, he invited us in, and we spoke with him for 30 minutes (trying to keep it down to 20 minutes!) He speaks German, works as a translator on occasion. (Elder Blume is fluent in German!) We had a wonderful conversation. He is married and has four children. He asked if we could come back in the morning (today). This morning he came into the room with a big stack of papers telling us he had an agenda. Wondering what he meant, we tried to prepare ourselves spiritually. He reminded us that he used to meet with the missionaries, had had all 6 discussions; they given him a quad and had asked him to be baptized. "I wasn't ready at that time," he said! "This is what I need from you --- another quad, a reading assignment; I read 20 to 30 chapters a night and help weeding my garden!" He expressed his disillusionment with his church, that he was conservative. They talked about Alma 32 with him --- he said he had read it, that he really enjoyed it. When they were leaving, they boldly reminded him of their purpose, "we are here to help you get baptized and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost." To which he replied, "I am open to learning!" He is reading 3 Nephi tonight; they're returning tomorrow morning to teach him. He committed to pray about the Book of Mormon.

This is not a singular experience. Many Lutherans are disillusioned with changes in their church and are seeking the truth. As religions are compromising their morals, the truth is becoming more readily recognizable and many are searching for the truth.

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