Thursday, December 31, 2009

Elder Mangham, Birkel and Brooks were playing basketball at church, when a man walked into the branch, while they were in the hall. He wasn't a member and came to use the family research center. He told them he would like to see the chapel. They taught him a plan of salvation and restoration. He is coming to church on Sunday.

Sisters Hedengren and Brodegard in this picture reported a miracle December 30, 2009. After having a family home evening with members of the church and receiving several referrals, they stopped by a less active member of the church and visited with her, her husband and children. This mother and her sister had just decided to get more involved in the church, start reading the Book of Mormon, etc. She recognized the missionaries coming as an answer to her prayers and heaven sent. The sister wants to be taught, as well.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Going home missionaries in front of the St. Paul Temple, December 23, 2009
Sister Peterson, Sister Fisihetau, Sister Hall, Sister Howell, President Howell, Elder Sommer, Elder Clark (Front row)
Elder Kanno, Elder Saunders, Elder Wright, Elder Jenkins, Elder Pollastro, Elder Cutshall (Back row)

What outstanding, dedicated missionaries they are and will continue to be. We love them and know great blessings and opportunities await them, as they continue to serve the Lord!

New missionary training held today, December 30, 2009, at the Bloomington Ward building.

Sisters Brodegard and Hedengren reported stopping to help a woman who was having car trouble (although they weren't too talented in this regard). Nevertheless, as they helped her, she asked them what they were doing here and they responded. She asked them to teach her! She had her first lesson this week, loved the idea of the restoration, felt the spirit, wants to come to church on Sunday. They will be teaching her Friday. They are teaching 20 to 23 lessons a week!

Elder MacKillop and his companion are teaching a recent convert's father, Warren. He has lots of questions and wants to go to church with his daughter on Sundays.

Pres. Howell asked the group, "Why do we snow shovel in the Winter?" Elder Ralph responded, "To exercise and serve!"

Strict obedience was emphasized in the meeting; especially night time planning, arising at 6:30 sharp and daily companionship study!

Elder Hoskins shared an interesting way of overcoming smoking. He told an investigator: "Every time you feel like smoking, go do a good deed for someone! Satan will learn to stop tempting you!"

Above is the picture of new missionaries and their trainers! Double clicking on any of the pictures will enlarge them!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Champions for Christ --- great missionaries at Vikings indoor practice stadium, who are willing to give their all in serving the Lord!

NOVEMBER --- 2 Minneapolis Zones --- great prep day activity. Brother Pico, who works for the Vikings, gave us an amazing tour of the Vikings workout / practice center. Several talks were given along with the tour! It was outstanding!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Elder and Surrat had a white Christmas several times over . . .

Congratulations to Elder Jepson on his white Christmas . . . .

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Santa had some very special elves helping him; Lake Superior, early morning; it's time to walk on water in MMM --- the missionaries are doing the impossible, just as Peter did, by focusing on the Lord and Master!

Somehow the Grinch turned up at Christmas Zone Conference. But don't worry even she might have a White Christmas. Someone she and President Howell talked to at Valley Foods is being taught the gospel and loves the Book of Mormon!

W is for WINTER
and for those who are here:
If it weren't for a short summer?
it would last the whole year!

Minnesotans are proud of their winters and braving them! SO are the missionaries! Bring it on! We get to go serve the Lord in 20 below weather. Actually baptisms go up in winters, with those at the door calling, "it's the Mormon missionaries! Can we just give them a hot chocolate!?" After hot chocolate is prepared, questions are asked and missionaries are invited back!

Actually, some of the sisters did ask Santa for a warm day; he mentioned prayer . . .

Ho Ho Ho By Golly Santa encourages Elders that even his elves eat frosty flakes for breakfast ---

Talented sisters sing December 13, 2009 --- Sisters Hall, Buhler, Ross & Chamberlain ---

Talented missionaries participating in the Mission President's Fireside on December 13, 2009.

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas 

Just like the ones so long ago
By the waters of Mormon
Or Mississippi River
Baptizing those who know
I'm dreaming of a white Christmas 

Teaching the gospel with my might

The restoration shining so bright 

Making many Christmases pure white

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas 

Each and every snowcrystal has a name

Each baptized person pure white
And precious in the Father’s sight.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Elder Wadsworth, Sisters Brodegard, Shurtliff, Hall, Whiteley and Elder Fisher.
Elders Sommer, Lue, Ahlander, Holden, Olson, Gillespie and Pollastro.

Elders Kingston, Olson, Nebeker, Davis and Lue --- October interview / training. Elder Nebeker says the taught the son of a member (who was not a member), in the process she was motivated to get ready for the temple. After some years of the bishop trying to help her, she is finally going and her son is coming to church.

Elders Fisher, Kingston, Sommer and Lue -- Elder Fisher and Elder Kingston contacted a former investigator recently; she came to church that week and every week since with her little sister! Elder Sommer and Lue had someone who attended a baptism come to church and love it!

October Interview / Training pictures

Sisters McKinley, Oster, Fisihetau and Cooper! Sister Cooper says: We stopped by a part member family. They had been thinking of going to church the next day we showed up on their doorstep. They let us in and were so amazing. Sister Ostler and McKinley had 6 less active members in church on Sunday!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

SOME MORE of the BEST SISTER missionaries in the world:
Sister Cooper, Ostler, McKinley, Fisihetau, Whiteley!

Sisters Buhler, Ross, Shurtliff, Brodegard --- we have the best sister missionaries in the world!

OCTOBER 18 Mission President Fireside

OCTOBER 18, 2009 Mission President Fireside
Missionaries are only allowed to come with an investigator.

President's fireside pictures in Bloomington, October 18, 2009

Our wonderful fireside speakers (recent converts).

And Sisters Peterson, King & Chamberlain with a member!

Gave their bishop a church tour, here’s the email Pres. Howell received from him:
Pres. Howell,
Sister Anderson and I did a Chapel tour with Elders Monson and Weigle tonight. Sr. Anderson directed me to e-mail you and tell of our good experience. Sr. Anderson would like to invite a not-yet-member son-in-law to a tour. She is also going on Thursday when our Elders do their first investigator tour. We enjoyed the focus on the Savior and the Prophets and did not hardly realize that it was only a little about the building. We are going to try to set up a package with all the tour supplies all together in one place for our Stake Center.
Bishop Anderson
Shoreview Ward

October 18, 2009
MISSION PRESIDENT FIRESIDE in Mission Home, Bloomington