Sunday, July 25, 2010

July 21, 2010
Front row from left to right:
Elder Browning, Sister Whiteley, Sister Sorensen, Sister Hedengren, Sister Wright, Sister Howell
Middle row from left to right:
Elder Payne, Elder Happonen, Elder Jepsen, Elder Sabey, Elder Ronstrom, Pres. Howell
Just behind Elder Sabey and Elder Ronstrom:
Elder Cornelius and Elder Hanks
Back row:
Elder Katoa, Elder Fonua, Elder Stilson, Elder Pedersen, Elder Livingston, Elder Whitehead
We welcome this great group of missionaries, including 3 from Scandinavia!  We appreciate the marvelous families that have prepared them for their service to the Lord!

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  1. Sister Howell,

    I love reading your postings even though I don't always comment. I am Elder Adam Forsyth's mother. Thanks again for getting him the message about his brother, Brandon's, mission call to Singapore.

    I noticed Elder Carson Stilson in your picture of new missionaries. If you haven't had him sing for you yet... you are in for a treat! I'm sure he will bless many through his musical talents. He is in our stake (Bloomington, Utah - St. George). Elder Forsyth and he haven't met yet as we were new move-ins when Elder Forsyth received his mission call. If you get a change at a Mission Conference, please introduce them.

    Elder Forsyth just LOVES his mission and he loves you and President Howell. He is excited about his new call as Zone Leader and is so RELIEVED that he won't have to give up working with the Hmong people. I think that would kill him. :D Thanks for all you do to inspire him, and thank you for keeping up the blog.