Wednesday, April 21, 2010

March 24, 2010
New Missionary Training meeting
New missionaries / with their trainers
Back row from left to right:
Elder Hale, Elder McCord, Elder Stimson, Elder Todd, Elder Butler, Elder Steele, Elder Bennett, Elder Dailey, Elder Hawkins, Elder Spencer
Middle row from left to right:
Elder Madsen, Elder Ridd, Elder Mangham, Elder Howell, Elder Dransfield, Elder Jensen, Elder Wiscomb, Elder Orton, Elder Thompson, Elder Whitehead
Front row from left to right:
Sister Ostler, Sister Childers, Sister Howell, President Howell, Sister Buhler, Sister Keyes

They all role-played the baptismal challenge. It didn't seem as though they were new missionaries at all!

March 27, 2010
The spirit was so strong at the baptism of the Farata Family!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

March 21, 2010
A wonderful couple talking to President Howell about temple marriage . . .
March 23, 2010
An tremendous new missionary couple arrive --- Elder and Sister Murdoch!

March 21, 2010 Mission President's Fireside
Elder Dransfield, Elder Ridd, Elder Mangham, Elder Jensen
Wonderful members ---

March 21, 2010 Mission President Fireside
Brian Seidling and Ken Lewis also spoke, each giving outstanding talks. After these wonderful three speakers, no one wanted to leave --- the spirit was so strong!
Brian Seidling, Ken Lewis with Elder Livingston.

March 21, 2010 Mission President's Fireside
from left to right
back row:
Elder Kingston, Elder Jensen, Elder Emrich, Elder Lemonds,
middle row:
Elder Simpson, Elder Farnsworth, Elder Mangham, Elder Glenn, Elder Livingston
middle row:
Elder Peteron, Elder Howard, Elder Richmond
front row:
Elder Hepworth, Elder Stewart, Elder Ridd, Elder Vance

Sister Shurtliff with Edith and Edwardo Osorio. Edith did a wonderful job speaking at the fireside.

March 16, 2010 WONDERFUL group of GOING HOME MISSIONARIES in front of the St. Paul Temple
left to right
back row
Elder Keller, Elder Hafen, Elder Hill
middle row
Elder Fernandez, Elder Maughan, Elder Fawson
front row
Elder Nickel, Sister Hope, Sister Howell, Pres. Howell, Elder Hadlock

March 17, 2010 WONDERFUL group of NEW MISSIONARIES in front of the Mississippi River with Minneapolis in the background!
left to right
back row
Elder McCord, Elder Todd, Elder Orton, Elder Dransfield, Elder Madsen, Elder Doyle
front row
Sister Keys, Sister Children, Sister Howell, Pres. Howell, Elder Whitehead, Elder Thompson, Elder Bennett, Elder Stimson, Elder Ridd, Elder Spencer

March 9, 2010 Zone Conference Oakdale, St. Paul, North St. Paul
Elder Butler, Elder Dahle, Elder Bates, Elder Lutes, Elder Poole, Elder Pilcher
Elder Anderson, Elder Vaughn, Elder Peterson, Elder Bott, Elder Waite

March 9, 2010 Zone Conference Oakdale / St. Paul / North St. Paul
Elder Madsen, Elder Bott, Elder Jensen, Elder Vaughn, Elder Andersen, Elder Butler (with the table), Elder Doyle (with his eyes closed)
Elder Sorenson, Elder Daley, Elder Nelson, Elder Reber, Elder Spencer

March 3, 2010 Minneapolis / Burnsville Zone Conference
Elder Olsen, Elder Livingston, Elder Stewart, Elder Holden, Elder Jurca, Elder Whitehead, Elder Lue
Elder Boehmer, Elder Reupena, Elder Palanite, Elder Farnsworth --- preparing for a scripture shoot out.

February 23, 2010 Missionaries who attended Elder L. Tom Perry Conference
March 1, 2010 Zone Leadership Conference
from left to right
back row:
Elder Doyle, Elder Fisher, Elder Hawkins, Elder Emrich, Elder Hoskins, Elder Vaugh, Elder Bott, Elder Richards, Elder Farnsworth
middle row:
Elder Henderson, Elder Lemonds, Elder Reece, Elder Birkel, Elder Madsen, Elder Richmond, Elder Kinikini, Elder Wardle
front row:
Elder Spencer, Elder Bluem, Sister Howell, President Howell, Elder Smith, Elder Howell

At Zone Leadership Conference, a new mission goal was discussed and set. That every missionary companionship would baptize one person by the end of April. This is always a personal goal for each companionship. But it was set as a mission goal to help everyone baptize, to unify the mission and to really take the goal of baptism seriously.

Feburary 21st 2010 Mission President's Fireside
Elder Mangham, Elder Bond
Elder Hale, Elder Grondel

February 21, 2010 Mission President's Fireside
Elder Willis, member, Elder Davis
Elder Wadsworth, Elder Jarman

Mission President's fireside February 21, 2010
Elder Farnsworth, Elder Livingston and Brother Brian Seidling, who spoke in March at the Mission President's Fireside.
Elder Steel, investigator, Elder Blume

Mission President's fireside February 21, 2010
Elder Jepsen, Elder Noffsinger with a member
Elder Fisher, Elder Hawkins with Ray Nelson. Ray has introduced over 30 people to the church, who are now members! And that's what he does for a living (along with his job!) The Lord keeps putting people in his path, and he keeps talking to them! What an example!

Sister Ross, Sister Brammer
Elder Johansson, investigator, Elder Hoopes

Mission President's Fireside
Sister Shurtliff, Sister Buhler
Sister King, Sister Woffinden

President's fireside
Cookies and milk are the tradition refreshment . . .
Sister Brodegard and Sister Hedengren with some wonderful investigators.

February 21, 2010 Mission President's Fireside
Christen Burger & Peter Gerdes spoke along with Brother Munoz pictured with his family here:
Angel Jr., Gustovo, Angel Sr., Blanco, Angelica, Angelina, Miguel

February 19, 2010 New Missionary Training
Sister Ostler Sister Stokes
Whole group of New missionaries / trainers
From Left to right
Back row
Sister King, Sister Woffinden, Elder Evanson, Elder Hess, Elder Nebeker, Elder Hardy, Elder Jones
Middle row
Sister Parks, Sister Chamberlain, Elder Nelson, Elder Waltman, Elder Robinson, Elder Ferguson, Elder Nelson
Front row
Sister Ross, Sister Brammer, Pres. Howell, Sister Howell, Sister Ostler, Sister Stokes