Monday, July 5, 2010

June 20, 2010
Jose Rivera baptised! Elders Crepeau and Davis, Bro. Rivera, President and Sister Howell
Jose called President Howell yesterday (July 4th) and told him the Holy Ghost really is always with him! Recently a dump trunk was driving behind Jose on a street and the Holy Ghost said to stop! So he immediately pulled to the side of the road. Right after he stopped, the dump trunk pushed the car in front of him to the side of the road. “That would have been me! But the Holy Ghost told me to stop!” Also he said the Holy Ghost direct him and the elder right to one of his friends the other day to teach him and his family the gospel, which they’re doing! As Jose was confirmed after baptism, he was promised he would bring many people into the church and that’s just what’s happening!

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