Sunday, February 21, 2010

February 9, 2010
Minneapolis Zone Conference
Front row:
Elder Fisher, Elder Hawkins, Elder Bowen, Elder Norton
2nd row:
Elder Jarman, Elder Wadsworth, Elder Brett Jones, Elder Nebeker
3rd row:
Elder Baker, Elder Wiscomb
4th row:
Elder Howard, Elder Chamema
5th row:
Sister Hedengren, Sister Brodegard, Sister Brammer
last row:
Sister King, Sister Woffinden

Across the aisle:
Elder Noffsinger, Elder Adam Smith

It was a great conference; we've done our own DISTRICT DVD (a training dvd put out by MTC). We've recorded teaching sessions with real investigators and show segments (with permission of the missionary). The missionaries look for teaching skills, i. e., identifying the spirit and concerns, testifying, asking questions and creating dialogue or discussion. Then we give them the opportunity to role play, as we video them, four missionaries at a time. They have two different scenarios, in which they had to find the investigator's concerns. For instance, the investigator had a slip telling them to only respond when they were asked about their concerns several times and to accept a commitment after testifying. We play back the role play, they critique themselves, see if they solved the concerns written on investigator's sheet, and we switch so the other companionship can teach.

What a privilege to sit in on these sessions! To hear powerful testimony born and watch skills develop, as each missionary sees something that could be improved. They are marvelous! The Lord is working through them on behalf of his children. They are clever in the things of light, as the world is clever in the things of darkness!

This picture is after a wonderful lunch, prepared by the members. We're singing to those who had birthdays and this Zone Conference EVERYONE was invited to have a page of scriptures memorized. Usually, only those who wish to compete in a scripture mastery competition do.

The sisters and elders in the picture are:
Sister Hedengren, Sister Brodegard, Sister Ross, Sister Brammer
Elder Nebeker, Elder Jones, Elder Wiscomb

In the last picture, the missionaries in the zone are raising their hands if they taught 20 lessons last week! Elder L. Tom Perry comes on Tuesday, February 23rd. Everyone reports to us they will have taught 20 lessons by then. The wards and stake presidents are keeping track of this, as well as missionaries. It is our mission goal to honor the Lord and his servants by standing in obedience to Elder L. Tom Perry's counsel to teach 20 lessons a week!

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