Saturday, February 6, 2010

Back row left to right:
Elder Keller, Elder Simpson, Elder Farnsworth, Elder Vaughn, Elder Birkel, Elder Henderson, Elder Bott, Elder Doyle
Middle row left to right:
Elder Livingston, Elder Richmond, Elder smith, Elder Howell, Elder Kinikini, Elder Wardle, Elder Madsen, Elder Lemonds, Elder Emrich
Front row left to right:
Elder Richards, Elder Fisher, Elder Hawkins, Sister Hedengren, Sister Brodegard, Sister Howell, President Howell, Elder Reece, Elder Spencer
February 5, 2010 Zone Leadership Conference
Each missionary in this mission is a leader by the very nature of their calling and also because we receive the finest missionaries in the world!

The meeting with zone leaders yesterday was exceptional. Revelation flowed, each one edifying and empowering all those present. Characteristics of Jesus Christ and how to implement such leadership skills were discussed, as well as reaching our goal of 20 lessons per missionary, per week, by the time of Elder Tom L. Perry’s visit February 23rd. Among other things, improving the quality of our baptismal meetings was discussed. Accountability was given; gratitude was expressed for the Lord’s blessings pouring down upon this mission, as each missionary is striving to qualify for them, by prayers of faith and incessant labor. Each and every zone is baptizing 3 to 7 people and every indicator has gone up. Each zone was congratulated, particularly when they were leading the mission in an indicator!

We also role-played teaching principles, 2 sets of missionaries in different rooms, recording them on DVD! The assistants typed up individual scenarios for both investigators and missionaries --- the missionaries had to do what the investigator’s slip said to get a response! It became a game or puzzle focused on the development of teaching skills. Then they would switch, with new situations. As watching the video clips, they evaluated themselves! We’ve done this for two ZLC’s and one Zone Conference! We email out what they should practice prior to the meetings and our retention of date sets has improved to 90% in the month of January, meaning their teaching skills are improving and baptisms are increasing. Role-play is becoming a daily first thing during companionship study!

At the end, when asked what would they take with them from the meeting, responses were:
Improve their exchanges, baptisms, change their attitude in some respects, take things up a notch, that unity was critically important, following through with members, missionaries and fixing themselves, before trying to lift someone else.

Specific comments were:
Elder Smith: If we go find with the missionaries in our zones, we’ll recognize what they are doing well. With a calling comes a power, a gift, help them find their gift. Don’t try to fix a missionary. There is something you can learn from them. We’ll all grow together.

Elder Birkel: We’re not out here for recognition; we’re here to serve the Lord. In our PPI, we should be prepared with scriptures and revelation from the Lord for that missionary, so that they know they can do what is required of them.

Elder Bott: Always have fun. When you set an example of enjoying the work, those around you enjoy it!

Elder Hawkins: We need to let our teams know that our goal is for EVERY set of missionary to teach 20 lessons!

Elder Wardle: We need to let them know we’re getting 20 lessons a week to double baptisms for the Lord!

Elder Birkel & Elder Henderson led a wonderful discussion on how to bless and motivate an elder or sister with challenges.

Sister Brodegard and Sister Hedengren led a discussion on the importance of companionship unity; areas blossom as rose with unity and their area is!

President Howell emphasized that the Lord can’t pour out blessings unless we are unified in our companionships!

Sister Brodegard made this interesting observation:
The 1st 6 weeks we taught active members and after that we taught all their friends!

This is just one of the many blessings of following the counsel of an apostle and teaching 20 lessons!

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