Friday, February 26, 2010

A picture of the wonderful sisters who prepared lunch for us in Oakdale. They tell us briefly about how they came into the church, most of them are converts. They represent you mothers at home very well, crying over your amazing, valiant sons, who they love and adore. Many have their own sons serving on missions and hope as they serve your son that perhaps someone is doing the very same thing for their son.

Missionaries are certainly on the battle front in the war for the souls of men and are the most prayed-for group in the church, right along with prophets of God. Never is that more evident than when these dear sisters prepare and serve lunch to the Lord's emissaries on earth!

The next picture is a lining up to sing for their supper. We sing ARMIES OF HELMAN. The missionaries in this picture are (from left to right)
Elder Ferguson, Elder Holden, Elder Hill, Elder Vang, Elder Willis (back row)
Elder Ralph, Elder Price, Elder Reece, Elder Madsen, Elder Dahle, Elder Bair (front row)

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