Thursday, January 28, 2010

Recently we had several days of rain, all day and night. Elders Brown and Self were driving home from their last appointment, when they saw a car with it's hazard lights on at the side of the road. They pulled over, asking what they could do. They drove the driver to Walmart, giving him a pass along card. They had explained they were on a mission and wrote their telephone number on the back saying, "If you need anything, just call us!" 20 minutes later he texted them; his car needed a jump. It was cold, rainy and they would have liked been in bed. However, they jumped his car, drove him to a gas station and again talked to him about the church. He said, "God knows that if religion was for me --- it would end up finding me, not me finding it!" Elder Self said, "That's precisely what has happened!" He gave them his name and phone number! Service brings forth the blessings of heaven!

Elder Brown is found in the lower picture, second row up on the end, left side. Elder Self is in the top picture, first row, right side, second from the end!

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