Sunday, January 10, 2010

January 6, 2010 Zone Conference
Sister Ross, Sister Naatjes, Sister Ostler
Sister Naatjes addressed us, talking about her conversion. She had been Lutheran and confused about the character of God. “God appeared to be some selfish being, creating us for His own Glory, yet knowing full well very few of us would return to Him, the vast majority of us going to hell. I had unanswered questions that the restored gospel of Jesus Christ had answers for! . . . What would I have taught my family without these truths?”

Sister Ross
When it gets hard, I think of my mother. Two young missionaries taught her the gospel, when she was my age. Because of that I am here! I am grateful to give someone else that gift!

Sister Ostler
I am grateful to share the gospel with others here and now, to learn from so many other people.

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