Sunday, October 4, 2009

After the new missionaries, trainers and others who are being transferred are off on to their new assignments, the going home missionaries watch Elder Holland's DVD entitled, "The Power of Personal Purity."  They eat lunch, then attend a temple session in the St. Paul Temple. Afterwards, we sit in a sealing room, discuss Temple Marriage briefly and appropriate questions.  Upon returning to the Mission Home, a lovely dinner is served, the office staff attends; they bear a brief testimony and leave.  President & Sister Howell give some counsel; a testimony meeting is held.  We then sing our mission song, "This is the Christ," by Elder Faust. They play some wii games and go to bed.  It's a FULL, but beautiful, unforgettable day where the spirit is greatly manifest.  HOW grateful everyone is for these amazing, returning home missionaries --- who gave their all to serve the Lord!

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