Tuesday, September 22, 2009

These three recent members spoke at our fireside on Sunday, Br. Konan, Br. & Sr. Roway.  Br. Konan mentioned the fireside, where another convert, Sister Penny Hargraves spoke. He felt a witness of her words, knew the church was true and was baptized right after that.  He expressed a desire that someone in the room might feel the same blessing from his words!  There was a young college-aged woman from India there Sunday who has been investigating.  She just returned from a visit to her parents in India, who were not pleased that she was considering baptism into the church.  When Br. Konan said he hoped someone would receive a witness as he spoke, she said that she received her answer as he spoke and set a baptismal date.  Miracles such as this happen at each President's fireside --- Heavenly Father can do His work!
Here are the missionaries filling that pit I told you about . . . 

More wonderful, diligent MMM missionaries . . . 

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  1. Thank you so much for posting the pictures! I see my adorable son, Elder Jorgensen, in the second picture (wearing the striped blue tie) with his companion Elder Richards :-)