Sunday, September 27, 2009

MMM Missionaries of Mighty Miracles

Here are called-in miracles from your most diligent, wonderful sons, brothers, etc.:

Elder Lambert and Elder Kinnikinni taught a young lady (17) named Monique.  Her mom wouldn’t let her get baptized.  Monique introduced the missionaries to her friend, who was taught, and set a date set with.  Pres. Howell told them to get written permission from the friend’s mom for her baptism, let the other mom know.  They did.  The mom grudgingly came to the friend’s baptism.  There were 100 members there --- they invited the negative mom to dinner after the friend’s baptism.  She felt such a powerful spirit, she let her daughter be baptized that very day!  She cried during the lesson given after the baptism, as her daughter and her friend changed.  Presently, she is taking the lessons herself! THE MEMBERS enveloped her daughter and her into the gospel!

Elder Hawkins & Elder Parsons

Elder Hawkins:

“September 20th we went to a President’s Fireside, where recent converts share their conversion story.  It’s a great opportunity to take investigators.  We took Hunter Sargent; he is so awesome and excited for his baptism on Sept. 26th! . . . at the end of the fireside, we all stood up and were chatting a bit.  I saw Sister King and Siter Chamberlin motioning for me to come over.  They intrrroduced me to Taylor.  He is about 20.  I had noticed him earlier in the meeting, thinking he looked familiar. . . They told me he is an investigator, and I had been the first missionary to talk to him.  I remember that night well . . . It was the Monday before our investigator, Shauna’s baptism.  On the walk home we talked to everyone, taking an hour and a half; we talked to 30 people on the way.  One of those happened to be Taylor.  We shared a bit about the church and took his address and phone number.  I gave it to the missionaries in his area and basically forgot about it, until the night of the President’s Fireside.  Taylor is getting baptized on the 27th.  I am so excited for him. . . I could see the gratitude in his eyes, how grateful he was to have found the church. 

I know the Lord lives and cares about us.  I did nothing to help Taylor; I simply did what I do 30 times a day, invite people to learn more about the truth we share.  I know the Lord led him to us.  Taylor only visits his mom’s house occasionally, he was out in her garage, working.  The Lord knw when we would be there and he put Taylor there at the same time.  I could hardly sleep that night I was so happy.  I love this work; I love the Lord.  He lives, miracles happen every day.  Sometimes we see the fruits of our labors 2 months later; sometimes we may have to wait until we reach the other side!

Elder Sommer and Elder Sabey recently did a church tour, using the 1st lesson (set it up in a member’s home).  Sister Lyman, the Relief Society President was there! The spirit was so strong that Sister Lyman wants to share it with all her neighbors. Their investigator is looking forward to General Conference and seeing prophets and apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Elder Fernandez and Elder Dahle are teaching Alberto Torres. His friend, a girl, joined the church in Mexico.  He always wondered what made her so happy.  She said simply, “ I can’t explain with words, go visit the missionaries.”  So he went on, requested the missionaries visit him.  They taught him “an awesome 1st lesson.”  He had found a lot of faults in churches and knew there was something missing.  There was a powerful spirit when they taught him about the Book of Mormon, the church, Joseph Smith and committed him to be baptized on the 10th of October.  They asked him a lot of questions; he recognized the spirit of the Holy Ghost testifying to him!  He was trying hard not to cry!

Elder Dean Spencer:

The work is still blooming here.  We are blessed to find new people to teach each week and the ward is very supportive.  Our ward mission leader had a miracle you would like to here about.  At work, a co-worker was sharing how cushed she was that her ELCA church passed the recent vote.  He listened and asked “What are you going to do now.”  She said a few things, but he asked the question more directly two more times.  She finally said, “Well I guess I’ll have to find a new church then.”  He said he knew a good one she could look into; he set up a discussion in his home with the Elders for next week, a great miracle.

Elder Simpson / Elder Gibson

We took President Howell’s advice the Monthly Laker to give the Branch President and his family a chapel tour.  The Branch President said he wasn’t expecting to feel the spirit as strongly as he did.  He went on to say that he hadn’t felt the spirit that strong in a long time.  At the end, when we asked for referrals, he mentioned a couple of names of people he wanted to ask and have feel the spirit that he had felt.  He also stated that he wanted every member of the branch council to thave the tour as well.  By giving our new Branch President this tour, we opened up the spirit of missionary work in our little branch.  People are excited and the work is moving forward like a steamroller; it can’t be stopped!


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