Friday, November 5, 2010

Sister Buhler, in green, Sister Woffinden in white, Sister Wright in black

Sister Buhler and Sister Wright have found 2 new investigators following the counsel of Elder Hinckley.   At nightly planning recently, they looked through the area book and found a couple in their potential former investigators --- Anna and Bernardo.  They are Spanish-speaking missionaries.  The next day they followed their plan and went to the apartment complex to check on Anna and Bernardo.  However, the neighbor said they had just moved out, and there was no was of contacting them.  So they went on with the rest of their night, following their plan. Their plan was to go to an apartment building by a less-active and contact there.  Since there was no close parking, they contacted EVERYONE on the was, as they had been instructed.  They stopped a hispanic man and were having a great conversation with him --- he seemed to know about the church.  Then they found he was named Bernardo.  He said he was.  They asked if his wife was Anna.  It was.  They had gone to the wrong apartment complex.  But they feel since they used their AREA BOOK, FOLLOWED THEIR PLAN and CONTACTED EVERYONE, they were blessed to find Bernardo.  They taught this family, had a wonderful short lesson and have a return appointment.  They have found 6 new investigators so far this week, have received 2 referrals (one with a dateset for November 20th before Sister Buhler goes home!)


  1. I'm Sister Wright's older sister and I'm so proud of her! :)

  2. Hi there Minneapolis, Minnesota Mission. My younger brother-in-law just got his mission call to serve in your mission and reports to the MTC on 1/26/11. Any suggestions on things he will need to purchase that are specific to this Mission? I served in warmer climes so I am not much help to him. Any suggestions would be great! Thanks for your help.