Sunday, April 4, 2010

March 21, 2010 Mission President's Fireside
from left to right
back row:
Elder Kingston, Elder Jensen, Elder Emrich, Elder Lemonds,
middle row:
Elder Simpson, Elder Farnsworth, Elder Mangham, Elder Glenn, Elder Livingston
middle row:
Elder Peteron, Elder Howard, Elder Richmond
front row:
Elder Hepworth, Elder Stewart, Elder Ridd, Elder Vance

Sister Shurtliff with Edith and Edwardo Osorio. Edith did a wonderful job speaking at the fireside.


  1. Sister Howell,

    Thank you so much, it is so fun to finally get to spot my son on your MMM blog. He is in this group shot as well, just under the lamp, I guess in the middle row.

    Elaine Dransfield

  2. Dear Sister Dransfield,
    Elder Dransfield is with another young missionary, doing an outstanding job Duluth! He has a great personality, testimony and faith--- works hard and is an obedient missionary. How we love and appreciate him and you! THANK YOU for raising such a wonderful son and servant of our Heavenly Father!
    Love, Sister Howell